We Write For All Devices.

The innovation and growth on the mobile phones front is astonishing. The top-end phones available now have the processing power and storage available in desktop computers just 4-5 years ago.

But not all companies want writing for a phone. For example, it has been found that hospital nurses never use a phone. They are busy with their monitors and a small screen would be a horrible distraction.

That's Only How We Start.

We start by reviewing the client's vision- whether that includes phones or not. Or any number of factors that might define the page.

We Offer 24 Hour Service.

We like to keep your website active at all times.
My phone is always available, and I do respond. In better terms,we stand behind your website.
And we offer a refund if you don't like what we produce, and we deliver a quick turnaround.

The Way We Get Results.

I have noticed that certain procedures should be followed for great results.
First is the beginning area. Here is where client and developer meet, but much more important is the defining of responsibities. The client, for example, learns to understand how design changes affect the budget. We also look at the site's goals here. Easy to guess how important this step is.
Secondly, it is time to develop a site map and the wireframes. We really cannot procede beyond this prototype step.
Finally, the design part of our procedures comes into play. As the wireframe begins to morph into a landing page, we get closer to production.